The webinar

Business leaders know that to generate returns there is a degree of risk-taking needed. Despite this, many struggle to see the value in integrating their risk management and strategic planning activities. Norman believes that to be successful it’s critical to understand the interrelationship between risk and strategy development and execution.

Share your thoughts and questions with Norman as we host a live webinar and Q&A, where he discusses his point of view on why risk management needs effective success management.



Meet the host

Norman Marks CPA, CRMA

Author, Speaker, Thought Leader
OCEG Fellow, Honorary Fellow of the Institute of Risk Management


Our Guest Speaker is a best selling author on the topics of Audit, Risk and GRC, with titles including "World Class Risk Management", "Risk Management in Plain English", and "Making Business Sense of Technology Risk". Norman served as a Chief Audit Executive for 20 years and is a globally-recognized thought leader in the professions of internal auditing and risk management. In addition, he has held the positions of Chief Risk Officer, Compliance Officer, and Ethics Officer. He has also been honored as a Fellow of the Open Compliance and Ethics Group, for his innovative GRC thought leadership. Norman is now a chosen advisor for individuals and organizations globally on risk management, internal audit, corporate governance, enterprise performance, and the value of information.